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Editing is just as important as filming when producing a professional video.

Once we have filmed your project, all the footage is then imported into our leading market editing software and set to work on by our professional video editors to create it onto a masterpiece.

The footage is carefully pieced together, enhanced, and polished with music & effects to create the final cut ready to share with the world!  

Send in your footage

Do you have footage you always wished could be turned into an awesome, professionally edited video ?

Well, you can send your footage into us here at Procam Films.

Life is all about memories, life experiences, and amazing things you do, And if we weren't there to film for you, then we are certainly here to edit for you.

Have your footage of hobbies, action sports, travels, or anything you do transformed into an exciting pro video with music and effects for a really exciting watch, then enjoy sharing your new video through social media.


How to send in your footage

Send us an email, and we can speak with you and find out everything we need to know and you want to tell us about your footage, and of course how you want the final edit to look.

You can then send your footage either by post or the popular internet sharing platform Wetransfer.


Bellow is a short video demonstrating the simplicity of using WeTransfer to send your footage to us.


Wetransfer is great ! it's a free service so won't cost a penny to send.

Take a look 

To be taken to the WeTransfer page please click on the link bellow 

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