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A cinematic documentary with voice over 




Southern water found us through word of mouth, after a few calls We came in for a meeting, to our surprise it was very brief, they  gave us a quick tour and then told us they wanted an educational film, we then given total creative freedom and that was it, they must have been busy!

Me and Tom decided after a few meetings that a fun, cinematic documentary was the style we wanted, so we then embarked on our adventure, with the help of only one S.W employee who is featured.

We were excited, However there was a lot of work ahead!




Filming on such a sight like this huge water waste treatment centre sure does come with its challenges, not only the overbearing smell of the waste, but learning about the process and which areas to film, and also put in sequence in the edit.

we had to wear PPE at all times and an extensive risk assessment was drawn up, as there are things here that can go BANG!

we visited the sight 4 times to film everything we needed.


At this point we still haven't seen the clients since our first meeting, they definitely must be busy !...

so anyway we plunged on and found our cinema style music to go with the footage



Script by Procam films & Voice over by Rob Hilton

The dialogue in this project was created completely in house at Procam films, we did all our own research and created the script you hear in the documentary.

Next was to find a voice over artist, we tried a few English professionals but they just didn't fit the cinematic style, we then came across Rob Hilton here in the picture, it was a bit controversial being he has an American accent but his deep characterful voice slotted into this project perfectly, remember we aren't trying to create anything corporate here.

tom and nat.jpg

That's a wrap

Wow, its then end, phew ! nothing blew up....

But there's still that odd feeling, the clients, we still haven't see them yet from day one and after editing its been around 3 months, but we have set a meeting to show them what we have created...... which is now making us sweat, what will they think of our American cinematic documentary.

We are now sat in the meeting with 3 executives watching our film, I am looking at Tom thinking we have messed up, but when the film finished, they all clapped and told us this is incredible !

We love it when a plan comes together !!

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